Guillaume Lassus Dessus

Born in 1991 in Pau (64), live and work in Paris

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Instagram : guillaume_lassus_dessus

At the moment in Paris.

Guillaume Lassus Dessus is a French documentary photographer, based in Paris.

Born in 1991, he lived his childhood abroad: USA, Gabon, Scotland, Angola and Indonesia, before coming back to France to finish his studies in Environment and Fine Arts. After finishing the photography school ‘Icart Photo’ in Paris, he worked in studio photography in Bordeaux (France) and Cape Town (South Africa). In 2014, he started to work on the series ‘Spain; an aborted town planning’. 

Then he decides to pursue the project by returning and meeting the new inhabitants in Ciudad Valdeluz, to give a testimony on the transformation of the ghost towns. In 2016, after the IMF suspended the help in Mozambic, he flies to Maputo to focus on the hidden public debt which gangrenes the country. A global project on the Black Sea begins in 2018, with a first series in ‘Sunny Beach’ (Bulgaria) where mass tourism and all kinds of excesses cohabit. 

 Since 2017, he travels to Mexico City where he met Sergio, a Mexican suffering from obesity who takes part in a prevention program in a clinic of Coyoacan. After meetings with NGOs and personal researches, he decides to develop a long-term documentary serie in the intimacy of this major public health issue. While pursuing his long term projects, he starts this year in France a series on the place and the appropriation of the security policies in the urban space.